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  • Business

    In today's tumultuous environment, organizations are under tough scrutiny and ever-increasing challenges to demonstrate they are meeting financial reporting and regulatory requirements and monitoring their professional conduct. At the same time, each organization is faced…

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  • Religious Institutions

    Within religious organizations, JustUs® has the ability to address several needs. First, by making JustUs® available to employees, it helps maintain the integrity of the organization’s financial and general operations. Second, the JustUs® HelpLine may…

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  • Nonprofits & Health Care Facilities

    Leaders of nonprofit and health care organizations are faced with constant issues of trying to maintain public trust and accountability. With heightened financial reporting expectations from regulatory agencies and stakeholders, it has become increasingly difficult…

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  • Government

    As a public employer, municipalities and government agencies have unique obligations to the citizens of their community. Under the critical eye of taxpayers and other stakeholders, public employers have a special need to be transparent…

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  • Education

    Within educational institutions, such as universities, community colleges, public, private and charter schools, the JustUs® Program is an avenue for improving communication and addressing concerns during the early stages of a dispute. Better communication and…

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