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Within educational institutions, such as universities, community colleges, public, private and charter schools, the JustUs® Program is an avenue for improving communication and addressing concerns during the early stages of a dispute. Better communication and dispute resolution fosters a collaborative learning environment to support student success and achievement, on every level.

Users contact JustUs® via a toll-free telephone number or secure website specific to their university, college or school. Upon receiving their concern, the appropriate JustUs® Representative, with expertise in the subject matter will communicate with the caller as necessary to address and resolve their concern.

JustUs® can easily be implemented in a variety of educational settings, and is designed to address the unique needs of our educational clients. The purpose of the program is to ensure fair treatment and consistent application of an organization’s code of conduct and administrative procedures.

To facilitate the learning process, JustUs® can be enabled to receive calls from students, parents, staff, community members and administrators, depending on the particular needs of a client organization.

Education Sample Issue Resolution

The following is a hypothetical designed to demonstrate the JustUs® process; any reference to real life names or events is purely coincidental.


"Stacey" had noticed that revenue from ticket sales for the high school football games had decreased during the second half of the season. She wasn’t sure who was responsible, but when she looked at the books, something just didn’t seem right. She suspected that the individual responsible for ticket sales was letting friends in free.

An investigation revealed that there were no checks and balances on ticket sales. Without proof that this individual was letting friends in free, discipline of this individual would have been improper. However, JustUs® recommended hiring a second individual to collect stubs at the gate. Once the school implemented the new system, having one person selling tickets and another collecting tickets for entry, revenue from ticket sales returned to normal.

In this instance, failing to address the problem may have cost the school money. Additionally, accusing or disciplining the individual responsible for selling the tickets of wrongdoing without proof may have exposed the school to the risk of bad publicity or litigation, whether merited or not. By having JustUs® the issue was brought to the light. Whoever was responsible for the lost revenues changed their behavior. The issue was addressed in a timely, cost-effective manner that ultimately improved the school’s bottom line.

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