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JustUs® Programs for Nonprofits & Health Care Facilities

Nonprofits & Health Care Facilities,

Leaders of nonprofit and health care organizations are faced with constant issues of trying to maintain public trust and accountability. With heightened financial reporting expectations from regulatory agencies and stakeholders, it has become increasingly difficult to balance employee relations issues with the daily challenges of providing much needed services to their clients and the community.

The JustUs® HelpLine Program offers toll-free telephone and Internet-accessible resources for employees to report concerns about their organization. The JustUs® Program also allows employees to confidentially report fraudulent or unethical practices they believe may be occurring within the organization, giving nonprofits and extra safeguard for their essential funding.

The JustUs® Program is administered by independent experts, who follow strict, confidential procedures so employees can feel free to voice their concerns without fear of retaliation. Once a concern has been reported, our JustUs® Representatives thoroughly investigate the concern to offer company management a neutral resolution to the dispute.

JustUs® demonstrates a nonprofit’s commitment to transparency, accountability and ethics. This commitment gives nonprofits a competitive edge in grant applications and donations.

Nonprofits Sample Issue Resolution

The following is a hypothetical designed to demonstrate the JustUs® process; any reference to real life names and events is purely coincidental.

Personality Conflict:

In "Joe’s" company, the nurses have their own email group. Most of the members are female. The women sent explicitly detailed emails about different men they had dated. Joe thought this was inappropriate. One female sent an email joking about male erectile dysfunction. Joe responded, to the entire group, that he found their conversations inappropriate for a professional email group and included a comment, which was derogatory to women. The next day he was called into his supervisor's office. The supervisor told him that his email was inappropriate and that he was breaking down the "family atmosphere" among the nurses.

After an investigation, it was found that the emails were in violation of the hospital’s email policy. Joe's supervisor was disciplined for allowing the inappropriate behavior and the company agreed to monitor the content of emails more closely.

Employee Benefits:

"Terry" had perfect attendance last year, but was refused the perfect attendance bonus. The supervisor explained that Terry had several write-ups and the bonus was only for those who show up and do their jobs. Because company policy promised to pay the bonus for attendance only and not for attendance and performance, JustUs® recommended that Terry be paid.

In both of these instances, failing to properly or adequately address the problem may have left the involved employees unhappy and unproductive. Without clear answers, they may have considered taking some action that could have exposed the company to the risk of bad publicity or litigation, whether merited or not. By having JustUs® the issues were able to be addressed in a timely, cost-effective manner that ultimately improved the organization’s bottom line.

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