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JustUs® Programs for Religious Institutions

Religious Institutions,

Within religious organizations, JustUs® has the ability to address several needs. First, by making JustUs® available to employees, it helps maintain the integrity of the organization’s financial and general operations.

Second, the JustUs® HelpLine may be offered to constituents and members, providing clear and direct support for individuals and family members who believe they have witnessed or experienced improper conduct. JustUs® is positive proof of an organization’s commitment to maintaining a safe haven for its members.

Users contact JustUs® via a toll-free telephone number or secure website specific to their religious organization. Upon receiving their concern, the appropriate JustUs® Representative, with expertise in the subject matter will communicate with the caller as necessary to address and resolve their concern.

JustUs® is a way for members and employees to be sure that their concerns are addressed promptly and seriously. JustUs® is an independent third party, who will provide an impartial response to their concern. The purpose of the program is to ensure fair treatment and consistent application of an organization’s code of conduct and administrative procedures.

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