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About JustUs®

Since 2000, JustUs® has provided unique automated and interactive HelpLine programs that resolve concerns and ensure compliance with ethical and regulatory standards to minimize fraud losses and legal exposure for our clients.

Plus, we provide the “human touch”. All JustUs® Representatives are trained professionals, with a keen ability to identify areas of potential legal and other exposure. Unlike mere “hotlines” that simply collect information, JustUs® HelpLine Representatives close the loop on issues by offering unique resolutions. Also, the JustUs® patent-pending process automatically analyzes the “scope and urgency” of each call, routing callers to the appropriate JustUs® Representative best qualified to handle the specific issue.

Our Service

JustUs® uses toll-free telephone and secure Internet-accessible HelpLines to resolve caller-initiated concerns. Our reporting procedures and recommendations or referrals for resolution will be fair, and consistent with the administration of an organization’s policies and legal precedent. We do not provide legal advice. Also, we do not write or judge an organization’s policies; we simply help to ensure they are followed fairly and consistently.

Your Credibility

You don’t want to be the last one to know of unethical conduct, or if your valued employees or members are unhappy and perhaps considering filing a lawsuit or other action. But the truth is, many individuals don’t know where to go or are unwilling to use internal procedures. They may think that any internal procedures are “rigged”, so the only path is to quit and maybe file a complaint against your organization, or take some other action that will stimulate unwarranted or damaging publicity. When you provide a neutral, outside party to listen and offer solutions, you’ll enhance organizational morale, productivity and management credibility.

When you’re willing to be held accountable to questions from a neutral third party, then the perception, and reality, is that resolutions will be fair.

For More Information

If you would like us to send you a brochure or other information, or to schedule a meeting to present our programs to you in greater detail, please contact us.