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Our Mission

The JustUs® Mission is to deliver a confidential, effective, cost-efficient program to enhance clients’ credibility and organizational compliance. The program goal is to improve its clients’ environments, while facilitating clients’ economic growth and stakeholder satisfaction.

The Mission is to use technology to empower and protect our clients' stakeholders. By working collaboratively with clients, early alternatives to disputes and abuses are identified. JustUs® establishes partnerships that will allow our clients to prevent fraud, reduce and resolve disputes, minimize lawsuit and financial exposure – and in doing so, enhance their competitive position, productivity, profitability and credibility.

Guiding Principles

JustUs® was formed under the guidance of several basic principles:

  • Fair treatment and fair practices will return a fair profit.
  • An effective alternate method to resolve disputes is a benefit to both parties to the dispute when compared to the delays of seeking resolution through the courts or government agencies.
  • An effective method to promptly raise a concern or dispute has a stronger probability of resulting in early resolution, with less damage to either party.
  • The risks, costs and delays of litigation are well known. Early resolution of disputes minimizes legal exposure, thereby reducing the unpredictable costs of lost human capital and dollars.
  • The impartial resolution of disputes creates an environment of security and trust. This translates into improved performance, and job/participant satisfaction, and the willingness to support steps to prevent misconduct.
  • Consistent and fair practices across the organization’s operations contribute to a positive working environment, enhancing the organization’s productivity and financial goals.
  • Compliance with new laws and appropriate resolution of financial and employment-related concerns keep risks manageable and costs under control and serve to retain intellectual capital within the company.