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Our Program

Employees, members or constituents of our client organizations initiate an investigation of their concern by calling a toll-free HelpLine or logging on to a secure Internet site.

After receiving a report, our specialists review the facts of each concern in light of the organization’s policies and legal precedent. Next, we offer a resolution or referral that is acceptable to both parties, or if requested, make a neutral recommendation to guide decision makers.

Our track record is marked by such effectiveness that some employers agree in advance to accept our neutral recommendation. In some cases, this has reduced our client’s litigation costs by over 90%.

Our JustUs® HelpLine program and patent-pending process can easily be custom-tailored to work in any type of organization

As neutral outsiders, our system allows you to outsource your alternate dispute resolution needs and resolve issues that have the potential to result in costly litigation, damaging publicity or loss of reputation and shareholder credibility.